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Auction #222 Introduction


Dear Collectors,

1967. A banner year for Pop Culture. We danced throughout the Summer Of Love. We cheered during the inaugural Super Bowl. We read the debut issue of Rolling Stone magazine. We tasted our first Big Mac (if in the Pittsburgh area). We cried at the wedding of Elvis & Priscilla and laughed at the premier of the Carol Burnett Show. These events and more from this pivotal year are Pop Culture landmarks.

1967 also marks the year that Hake’s Americana & Collectibles was born.

In the 50 years that have passed, Hake’s has been an integral part of the collectibles hobby, and in many regards, innovators and purveyors of what the industry has become. Collecting trends have come and gone, values have risen and fallen, and things that were brand new at the time have now become vintage collectibles. Through it all Hake’s has remained the place for collectors of all types to find the treasures they so passionately seek.
This is the third and final auction of our Golden Jubilee and with it comes the third in a series of introduction letters reflecting on Hake’s history, preceded by those from our founder Ted Hake and owner Steve Geppi. In my 32 years with the company I have learned a great deal from both. One cannot understate what each of these men have meant to me personally and to the world of collectibles in general.

And to segue from Hake’s history to the current auction, the title above is equally applicable as we begin offering the Russell Branton Star Wars Collection. Star Wars is a Pop Culture milestone, it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and the original three films comprise the ultimate trilogy. This collection will continue in future auctions but what we have to offer in this first installment is nothing short of otherworldly.

May the force be with all those that bid in this auction!

And here’s to Hake’s next 50 years as we head toward our Centenary.