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Auction #223 Introduction


Dear Collectors,

In 2017 we celebrated Hake’s 50th anniversary and did so in grand style. It was the best year of auctions in the company’s history, capped off by our single best auction ever- #222 in November that garnered $1.75 million.

So the obvious question as we headed into year 51 was- How do we top that? That question came up often in the weeks that followed the close of auction #222, as we processed the items we had in-house for auction #223 and beat the pavement to procure other artifacts for our first auction of 2018. Then in a totally unexpected manner (always how these things happen) we were offered the item you see on the front cover of the catalog, Detective Comics #27. We now had the answer to our burning question! That comic, and others that are in this auction (and the next), stem from the original owner who bought them new off the rack upon their original release, and are now being offered to the public for the very first time. All the while other great comic books started rolling in from other sources and before we knew it, we had assembled a most impressive comic book section covering Golden Age to Modern, CGC-Certified, all ready and waiting for new homes in the collections of comic book enthusiasts.

Coming off the record price we obtained last auction for Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 7.5 ($140,760), we are very excited to see what the response will be to what we have to offer this auction. Hake’s started auctioning comics way back in the 1970s, well before any other auction house. In the years that followed, comics have transcended being just “collectibles” and are now serious commodities and investment pieces.

For me comics have always been a great escape from the real world and will always hold a special place in my heart, no matter my age. The fact that Steve Geppi is Hake’s owner and Diamond Comic Distributors is our parent company, further solidifies just how much “this world” relies on, and revolves around, comic books and all the wonderful related merchandise that comes with it.

And to anyone out there that is looking for an avenue in which to sell their four color treasures, look no further than Hake’s. Our lineage in the collecting hobby and our resources to catalog, promote and sell your comics is second to none. The cover of our next catalog is just waiting for that one key issue to be featured front and center.