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Auction #224 Introduction


Dear Collectors,

First things first, everyone at Hake’s wishes to extend our sincere thanks for making our March auction the best in our 51-year history. The auction closed at $2.35 million. That total combined with our November auction (which briefly held our “best ever” record) combined to bring in over $4 million in bids.
We had such a great year in 2017 celebrating Hake’s 50th anniversary, we were not sure how we would follow that up. It was not that many years ago that one of our auctions topping $200K was considered a success. To see where we have gone over the last half century, and our dramatic rise over the last decade, is something we do not take for granted. We love what we do and we have a deep appreciation for all manner of collectibles, so to be able to conduct auctions at this level (while always looking to expand upwards) is very rewarding.

As to the last auction’s total, nearly half that amount was in comic books. Led by our $569,264 price on Detective Comics #27, the million dollars in comic book bids alone really shows the audience we have for such material. Since the early 1970s we have been offering comic books and original comic art, long before it was in vogue (this auction we have over 1,300 comics in total with over 450 of those being CGC certified).

As you can see from the front cover of the catalog, to the following two pages of consignments ads, to the letter here, we are serious about comic books and original art. We take great pride in how we catalog and promote our consignors’ items and that is certainly true in the case of comics and art. From extensive print ads in Previews The Comics Shop’s Catalog, to internet promotion on comicartfans.com, as well as our ever expanding presence at comic conventions and art shows, we do all we can to make sure we deliver the highest prices realized possible.
Our comic art specialist Sean Rutan is as passionate a person as you will find when it comes to this subject matter and Kelly McClain who heads up our comic book division, is always ready to talk comics. Both of their contact information can be found on the first two pages of this catalog. And both will be at the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 if you want to meet with them in person.

So while there are plenty of choices when it comes to consigning these types of items, I am confident you will find Hake’s to be the ideal choice. Find out for yourself and contact us today about what we can do for you in our next auction.

And one final note on comic books, look for our first ever online exclusive comic book auction in August. It goes online the 20th and closes the 30th. Hundreds of CGC certified books from Golden to Modern Age will be offered.