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Auction #226 Introduction

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Dear Collectors,

Hake’s Auctions is pleased to present our first Premier Auction of 2019. But before we move forward, I want to recap 2018. Last year we had our best single auction, bringing in $2.3 million. It was also our most successful year overall in our 52 year existence, with a grand total of $6 million in bids across our three Premier Auctions and our online exclusive auctions. To all involved, bidders and consignors, we genuinely thank you for your support.

Now to the current auction. For the first time in decades, major changes have been made to the auction closing procedure. Items #1-672 close Wed. March 13 and items #673-1806 close Thur. March 14. Each day the auction will begin closing at 9:00 PM ET. At that time each item will have its own 20 minute countdown clock. When 20 minutes pass without a new bid on an item it will close. If a new bid is placed on an individual item, the 20 minute clock is reset for that item. The new closing procedure is fully explained on page 1 of the catalog, as well as on page 4 and under “Auction Closing Procedure” at hakes.com.

Simplifying the closing procedure is part of our efforts to modernize the auction experience for all our bidders. This improvement is just the beginning of what we have in store for 2019 and we will continue to explore ways to provide you with a world class auction experience for years to come.

While we are making a significant change to how the auctions are conducted, what remains unchanged is our dedication to bringing you the best there is to offer in Americana and Pop Culture collectibles, our commitment to customer service and our unparalleled passion for the hobby. In that regard, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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