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Hake's 227 catalog cover Hake's 227 catalog cover


Dear Collectors,

Diversity is a word echoed throughout the lineage of Hake’s. As America’s first collectibles auction house, we have always embraced, catalogued, promoted and sold all types of historical artifacts, and all manner of pop culture memorabilia, over the course of our 52-year history.

As reflected by the cover of this catalog, our July auction is no different. The items shown represent the most popular categories in collectibles today. There are auction houses that specialize in just one of these areas, and others who were once solely focused but have recently branched out. Hake’s is not jumping on the bandwagon, we have been driving it since 1967.

As to the cover items (and categories they represent)-

We felt compelled to give the entire front cover to a truly incredible piece of comic book original art. The title splash page to X-Men #95 by Dave Cockrum is a show stopper. Other exceptional one of a kind art this auction includes works by Schulz, Hildebrandt, Kirby, Frazetta, Colan, Tuska, Everett, Buscema, Ross, Schomburg, Swan, Pérez, Trimpe and many others.

Sports memorabilia is highlighted by two exceptional Negro League rarities featuring numerous HOF members, a 1925-26 Cuban RPPC and a 1935 multi-team broadside.

There are over 1,000 comic books in total, many certified, and include key issues, first appearances, pedigree copies and more. The auction also includes much related material such as promotional pieces, comic racks, premiums and the like.
Political items, the foundation of any Hake’s auction, comes in at over 400 items featuring blue chip rarities of American political life. Highlights include an 1860 Abraham Lincoln ambrotype and a magnificent 1920 postcard featuring Democratic candidates James M. Cox and his running mate, a young Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Led by the only known example of a 1941 Captain Marvel six-sheet, movie posters and memorabilia run the gamut from the silent era to films of the 2000s.   
Concert posters of all eras are represented, including two highly coveted relics of the ‘60s cultural revolution: an original printing of the first Family Dog poster from 1966 and an Ann Arbor, Michigan Janis Joplin psychedelic masterpiece from 1969.

Last but certainly not least- Star Wars (and other action figures). Momentum has been building since we first offered items from the Russell Branton collection in Nov. of 2017 and this auction may just be our biggest and best round of offerings yet. Leading the charge- a Boba Fett rocket firing L-slot prototype.

Whether you are looking to add items to your prized collection or have items you are in the market to sell, Hake’s is your one stop shop for all things collectible. Since 1967, that has been our calling.

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