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Auction #229 Introduction

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The last two centuries have spawned some of history’s greatest innovators, creators, pioneers, icons and movements. Sometimes groundbreaking, sometimes revolutionary, often times controversial, but always with an impact that is undeniable and culture changing. Names and events that remain ever present despite the length of time that has passed since they first made their mark. While the list is long, a few that are firmly implanted on such an influential and significant list just so happen to be represented on the front cover of this catalog.

Abraham Lincoln. 16th President of the United States. A statesman and lawyer that preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government and modernized the US economy. Forever revered as one of our greatest leaders. Item #36 is an outstanding campaign parade flag, one of only two known examples. A true piece of American history.

The Beatles. The band that changed the world. The best-selling music act of all time. Their contribution to music will never be equaled, but how they transcended that medium is just as remarkable. Socially relevant, spiritually uplifting and forever influential, The Fab Four are a Mount Rushmore all on their own. Among the items for them this auction is an incredibly early (1962!) and historic full band signed photocard, item #1931.

Showcase #4. This October 1956 comic book ushered in a whole new era of comics now known as the Silver Age. Featuring the introduction of the modern version of The Flash, this opened the floodgates for a new and revamped DC Universe and paved the way for Marvel Comics to further the charge as the 1960s progressed. This auction we offer a high grade CGC certified 8.0 copy of this key issue as item #960.

Star Wars (and the mind of George Lucas). While this property did not invent Sci-Fi, it certainly took it to levels never before (or since) seen. The story, the characters, the universal love (and sometimes hate) of the franchise is undeniably the high-water mark of all that is Pop Culture. Films, TV, comic books, novels, video games, theme parks, toylines and so much more. Ubiquitous to say the least. There are over 200 items in this auction, and two highlights are the Howard Chaykin Marvel Comics original art page from issue #2 (item #1217) and an AFA graded 75 EX+/NM Darth Vader Double Telescoping Kenner figure (item #1611)

Winsor McCay. To simply call him a cartoonist and animator would be a grave inaccuracy. The ultimate visionary is much more apropos and quite frankly, much deserved. No artist of any era or movement had a greater impact than McCay. From Gertie The Dinosaur to Little Nemo, groundbreaking and unparalleled are words that instantly come to mind. McCay was one of those rare people who was just on a totally different level from everyone else and his work to this day stands the test of time. Two stunning pieces are up for bid: a rarely seen original work of art for Jungle Imps and the spectacular “Little Nemo” cartoon poster (items #1151-1152).

That only encompasses the seven items on the front cover. We hope you enjoy looking over all 2,037 items this auction and find that something special to add to your collection. We certainly enjoyed cataloging these amazing artifacts for you.

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