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Auction #228 Introduction

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“Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars.” So sang Bill Murray as Nick the Lounge Singer on SNL in 1978. For our November auction we are belting out that same tune. That is not to say we don’t have a variety of songs on our album, and I’ll diversify in a bit, but to start things off I would be remiss if I did not promote the incredible Star Wars section we have this time, essentially an auction within an auction.

There are nearly 400 Star Wars items. This is our biggest and best round of offerings to date and that is saying something coming off the last two years which were led by the Russell Branton Collection and other key pieces including the rocket-firing Boba Fett L-Slot prototype we sold last auction for $112,926, an auction house
record for ANY Star Wars toy. How do we follow up something like that? How about with an even rarer J-Slot prototype?! This auction includes other Kenner prototypes as well as test shots, newly unearthed early production pieces, foreign issues, rare variants, multi-packs, store displays, high grade examples, and more. There is also original art, movie posters, advertising pieces, etc.

As a seven-year-old kid when Star Wars was initially released in 1977, I have been a fan since the very beginning (and my original Kenner figures are on display in my office). So, to see the meteoric rise in vintage Star Wars
collectibles has been a real thrill for me and one that is not at all surprising. We are talking about one of the preeminent entities in all of pop culture.

It is safe to say the rest of the auction is also “out of this world” and loaded from start to finish with amazing artifacts. There are over 500 political items from Washington to Clinton. More than 1,000 comic books from Platinum to Modern Age with over 300 certified and key issues/first appearances abound. Sports memorabilia includes an always desirable Babe Ruth signed baseball and the possibly unique 1937 Eastern Colored League opening day panoramic photo. Music is headlined by one of the most coveted of all concert posters, a first print FD-26 featuring The Grateful Dead and signed by Mouse. Original art spans everything from an Avengers-heavy Captain America cover for issue #242 by Al Milgrom to the very first Disney Good Housekeeping page, “The Grasshopper and The Ants” by Tom Wood. Also for Disneyana is the finest example we’ve ever seen of the Mickey Mouse Organ Grinder wind-up with its original box.

I have only touched on the vast array of items we have for you in our final (and biggest) auction of the year. Across the more than 2,300 items we think you will agree that auction #228 is a collector’s dream. Happy bidding and May the Force be with you (sorry I couldn’t resist).

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