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Kevin Watts has been collecting, trading and dealing in G.I. Joe toys for over 20 years, starting while he was still in school. Over the years he has enjoyed many different areas of G.I. Joe collecting, from curating a "one of everything" quality collection, to army-building, to customizing, to buying rare foreign figures and vehicles, and in the last 12 years, to tracking down rare pre-production items from former Hasbro designers and interviewing them about their work, learning as much as he could about the history of the famous toy line. This work brought him into contact with many like-minded collectors whose research far exceeded his own, such as Gary Head, Chris Murray and several others. Over his years as a collector, Watt has been lucky enough to trade and own some extremely rare and unique pieces that help tell the history of the brand, the process of creation for the toys he grew up with and some of the thoughts and ideas behind the products from the creators themselves.

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