Collection Detail

Like many Americans, Mark Treitel is fascinated by World War II, amazed by the way countless wartime items infiltrated all aspects of American culture. His 40 years of collecting items from this period saw him focus on those produced in various forms with strong anti-Axis themes. Initially taken aback by the tone of many of the pieces, through his collecting he learned of the need to vilify a common wartime enemy and grew an appreciation of the historical value of these items. His collecting began with some of the anti-Axis coin-op machines of the era, but the limited amount of these items quickly gave cause for him to expand the scope of his collection. This saw the introduction of a much broader array of artifacts, including various paper and wood items, folk art, puzzles, games; all sharing a common anti-Axis theme. Treitel searched for items while traveling, scouring eBay and bidding with Hake’s over the years. We are pleased to offer some of Treitel’s collection this auction, allowing other historians to add to their own understanding of this difficult time in our nation’s history.

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