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Jason Taulbee purchased his first piece of original comic book art in 1990 and ever since he has dedicated his collecting to the acquisition of what's arguably the pinnacle of the hobby –comic book cover original art. Specifically, Taulbee is a huge fan of Marvel’s vigilante The Punisher and as such he has built one of the finest collections of original Punisher cover art you'll find. A fan since the 1980s, Taulbee gravitated towards the Punisher's unique position in comics as one of the forerunners in the early push towards gritty realism and edgy antiheroes, where the character remains an icon to this day. With a collecting pedigree that goes back to the pre-internet days, Taulbee built his collection piece by piece, networking with art dealers, agents, fellow collectors and the artists themselves. Many of his original covers came directly from the original artist and therefore haven’t been offered to the collector market for nearly 30 years!

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