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Item Description
First two are each 1.5" with enamel initials standing for Columbia Boat Club. In addition is an enamel flag at center with initials "NAAO." Each is dated on the front for 1916 but they differ by the engraving on the reverse which on the first is "Double Skulls" and on the second "4 Oared Race." These once hung from fabric ribbons now gone. Minor tarnish on the sterling finish. Third item is also sterling with engraved text on back "Canoe Tilting." This also once hung from a ribbon. Front shows man with oar in canoe plus man swimming beneath text "Pittsburgh Press Meet." Additional text is "Lake Elizabeth June 16, 1917." Our photo shows a mark on right hand enamel flag but that was paint now removed. Piece displays Exc. Next two are from same sponsor "Pittsburgh Press" but these still have their complete but worn fabric ribbon badges with bar pin on the back. Each shows a diver and a man in a canoe. Both are dated for 1920. Event was at "Aquatic Carnival Lake Elizabeth." The brass luster one has hand engraving on back "200 Yd Tandem Canoe Race/End Paddling." The sterling one has hand engraved reverse "100 Yd Bow End Canoe Race.' Metal parts are essentially Mint. Last is rectangular metal showing a man rowing on the front. This is also sterling and back is engraved "C.B.C. 1920 - 1/4 Mile Junior Gig Race." Minor tarnish.
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