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Lot of three, all w/great graphics. The first two are by Hall Brothers/Hallmark, each 4x4.75" on textured paper, 1930s. First is a birthday card and shows Popeye on the front reading a newspaper which opens to reveal him giving a large can of spinach to Wimpy who holds a hamburger birthday cake. Inside has been signed on bottom margin "Not Popeye-Just Pop." Card has lt. aging, inked date on front top right corner. Fine. Second card which has diecut design is "Get Well soon" featuring closeup of Popeye on the front, second image of him on inside throwing a punch and holding a can of spinach. Exc. Third card is 4.75x6" from the 1950s by H. A. Co. This is also a get well card and has pop-up design. Front features Popeye w/large bottle of pills which reads "Popeye's Sure Cure For You." Card opens to reveal him lifting up the lid and out pops Olive Oyl, Swee'pea and Wimpy. Card has been signed w/additional message written on the back. Appearance is still Exc.
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