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Item Description
Largest is 6x10"/smallest 3x3.5". Included are: two sided jugate hanging tag "Peace And Jobs Quicker With Dewey And Bricker"; paper mechanical advertising item with "?" and "Tom? --- or" "Harry?"; small poll book from Pennsylvania with cover reading "Elect Dewey" and listing candidates from all over PA in text; 1956 dated ticket from Allentown, PA for a Dewey speech; two sided jugate palm card with six Michigan candidates on reverse; "Citizen's Committee For Dewey & Warren Official" decal with graphic eagle at top; jugate post card issued by NY Republican Committee reading "The Way Ahead Dewey-Warren"; complete booklet of "Dewey-Warren Dollar Certificates" each with jugate images of candidates; postcard with Ben Shahn art of Dewey being puppeted by Hoover; striking multi-gate from California featuring Earl Warren endorsing Dewey-Bricker-Fred Houser- Thomas Rolph and Edgar Levey (bottom left hand corner has a 1.5" crease that remains stable) and "Penna 4 Dewey" masonite license plate attachment (small hole in blue field next to "4" and another 2.25" in from left hand side at top. Also a nail head in middle of right gold margin). All items have minor handling wear and display VF to Exc. unless noted. Julie Powell Collection.
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