18 Democratic Presidential Campaign Buttons 1932-1964
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This collection includes every successful Democratic presidential candidate from FDR in 1932 through LBJ in 1964. For FDR, included is his 1932 name button, others from 1936 and a 1940 jugate of FDR and Henry Wallace. Truman is represented by his classic 1949 inauguration button (typically selling in teh $50.00 range). Two buttons represent Stevenson in 1952 and 1956, five buttons represent JFK from 1960 (including one of the very few small size jugate designs Hake JFK #1 @ $24.00 in 2004 Revised Prices) and four for LBJ including two jugates.

Sizes are 13/16" up to 1 3/4". The 11 litho tin buttons may have very tiny, essentially unavoidable, traces of paint wear but remain Excellent to Near Mint. The 7 celluloid buttons are essentially Mint. The group is an ideal size to frame as is or will provide a base collection to be expanded on. Individually, a conservative value for this group is in excess of $200.00. Our special price is $150.00.
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