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Item Description
Pair of unused 1940s/1950s iron-on transfers. Approx. 8.5x9" sheet has full body image of Superman standing on "Superman" comic title/logo. US map in bkg. is surrounded by four boys playing baseball, football, hockey and bicycling. Three of the four clearly wear Superman-inspired "S" shirts. "Keep America Strong" text appears across map above Superman's head. We have only offered this image once before (on a Norwich Knitting sweater). Sheet is aged and has slightly uneven edge as trimmed, but image remains complete and clean. VF. Larger 10x11" sheet has full body image of Superman in flight, w/his rocketship in bkg. and "Superman" comic title/logo at top. A full color version of this image was made by Kaumagraph Company. This is blue/red variety w/copyright symbol only. A black/red variety was also produced. Sheet has corner crease at upper right and slightly uneven edges as trimmed. Image remains Exc.
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