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14” X 19.5”, four pages. Photo of JFK and article stating Kennedy’s opposition to Harvard’s President James Bryant Conant 1933-1953, attack on parochial school system. Kennedy, Harvard class of 1940 in an interview on “Youth Wants to Know,” a radio-television broadcast by a group of NY high school students, said he is opposed to a “growing trend” against religious education. Kennedy said he agreed with the statement issued Saturday by the Roman Catholic Bishop to the United States who implied a strong attack against Conant as they challenged all critics who would “create a monopoly of education for a secularized public school.” In this article Kennedy supports Boston Arch Bishop Richard J. Cushing. Cushing in the previous April had labeled Conant’s views on private and parochial schools as Fascistic. Paper has tanned with a .25” piece off left center fold margin and a .5” piece of right. All 4 sheets have hairline break 2” long but barely showing. This is mostly through center front column with just .25” going into the background of the Kennedy photo. Bottom right edges have a few small .25” tears and chips. Piece would frame to mat out all margin damage. Rare, limited, one day issue.
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