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Auction #231 Introduction

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Our first auction of 2021. While we all want to forget 2020, let’s hope this year is one to remember! As far as auctions go, we certainly feel this will be one long remembered by bidders and consignors alike.

As with any Hake’s Premier auction event, we cover a wider scope of all things “collectible”, in the context of a single catalogued auction, than anyone else. From historical items dating as far back as 1791 to comics books of the 21st century, and everything in between. If you are a collector, we have something for you.

Hake’s was built on political items, the origin of the company back in 1967. After 54 years, hundreds of auctions, and four published reference books on the subject, you would think we have offered it all. Not the case. Two items in particular, both first time at auction, are among the most incredible political artifacts we have ever seen or offered. The first item in the auction (and featured on the inside front cover of the catalog) is arguably the most important Martin Luther King signed document to ever be publicly offered- Birmingham jailhouse logbook pages from 1963. Lincoln and textile collectors will have a hard time finding a more impressive piece than the 1860 “Wide Awake” parade banner. These two items are museum quality pieces of the highest order.

Last auction we set a “button” record with the 1916 Alpen Brau Red Sox/Babe Ruth (from the Paul Muchinsky Collection) when it realized $62,980. This auction we have another 200+ buttons and other “smalls” from that historic collection as well as eight Negro League rarities from what we are billing as “The Black Ball Collection” and an exceptional selection of signed baseball photographs from The Chuck Bruce HOF Collection. Rounding out the sports section are Jordan Rookie cards: Star #101 and Fleer #57.

Original art is robust with over 200 lots. Standout pieces, making their auction debut, include Action Comics #329 cover by Swan & Moldoff, Vault Of Horror #41 cover by Johnny Craig, The Spirit #10 Warren cover by Ken Kelly and three early and historic 1930-31 Mickey Mouse daily strips including the earliest Floyd Gottfredson to ever come to auction and the infamous Kat Nipp “Tail/Tale”, all from the Earl Duvall estate.
Over 1,000 comic books, more than 300 of which are CGC-certified, include key issues galore: Action Comics #242 & #252, Amazing Fantasy #15, Avengers #1, Daredevil #1, Fantastic Four #1, Hulk #181, X-Men #1 as well as an early run of Superman and an assortment of the rarely seen (and now highly sought after) 35¢ variants of Marvel Comics issues from 1977.

Over the last few years Hake’s has established itself as THE PLACE for action figures thanks in no small part to the Russell Branton Star Wars Collection. This auction we again have an incredible line-up of pieces from that franchise as well as G.I. Joe, Transformers, Masters Of The Universe and more. This includes highest graded examples, prototypes, test shots, rare foreign variants and much more.

I’ll end this as I began- diversity is the hallmark of Hake’s Auctions. We hope you all find something for your collections. We certainly enjoyed procuring and cataloging all the treasures that make up Auction #231.

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