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Brothers Ed, Michael and Robert Janusey are what you might call model collectors. In fact, you should. That is, they were very serious about collecting models. Aurora models, to be specific. A fascination with monsters compounded by an Aurora Wolf Man model received as a Christmas gift in 1962 kicked off a decades long collecting journey, with the brothers collecting, building and painting most of the Aurora monster and superhero model kits over the next decade. While their main focus remained the Universal Monsters and superheroes/supervillains, their interests later expanded to include a little of everything. But the allure of monsters and superheroes remained strong, with those genres running neck-and-neck as favorites. That being said, it should come as no surprise that the original long box Frankenstein still holds the distinction of being their favorite Aurora kit.

After enjoy opening and assembling all the original monster and superhero kits when they came out in the ‘60s, they stepped up their collecting, searching out as many of the original Aurora kits as they could, still sealed as issued, stating “We were determined to collect at least one sealed kit of all that Aurora made.” 

Their hopes for the next generation of Aurora model collectors is that they enjoy them as much as they have, keeping them protected and stored in their original sealed condition. One thing is certain, the amazing Janusey Brothers Collection offers a wide assortment to pick from!

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