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Harry Matetsky (1934-2023) was the ultimate collector. His interest and love for collectibles was second to none. From comic character toys to premiums to comic books to original art and so much more, Harry lived and breathed all things related to his childhood passions that continued through to his collecting as an adult. He was not just a collector but a historian as well. His The Adventures Of Superman Collecting stands as the defining tome on collectibles for the Man Of Steel, and his contributions to Shazam! The Golden Age Of The World’s Mightiest Mortal by Chip Kidd and Geoff Spear make that book the ultimate compendium of collectibles for Fawcett Comics’ “Super Man.” If there was a Mount Rushmore for pop-culture collectors, Harry would be one of those faces.


Here is his Star Collector feature that ran in Diamond Dialog back in 2002. This is in his words and thoroughly tells the tale of his life and times in the hobby.

Harry Matetsky article here. 

Also see his Capt. Marvel interview in P.C. Hamerlinck’s FCA article. Published in Roy Thomas' Alter Ego Magazine Issue #165, September 2020 by TwoMorrows. ©Roy Thomas. FCA is a TM of P.C. Hamerlinck.


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