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Roxanne Toser Collection Roxanne Toser Collection Bewitched

Roxanne Toser has been a well-known figure in the non-sport cards community since the mid-1970s. Along with her son Harris, she started a mail-order business in 1976. Eventually, she took over the mail order business and successfully ran it until 1990 when she began Non-Sport Update magazine. In 2015, Non-Sport Update was sold to Beckett Collectibles.

In 1984, Toser was the first dealer asked to exhibit at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show. In 2007, the Toser family took over running the show, putting on shows twice a year at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

During her time as a card dealer, she accumulated cards for the family collection (many of which will be offered in upcoming Hake’s auctions). Along with her husband Marlin, she attended sports card shows and purchased non-sport cards from various sports card dealers (as at that time, no non-sport card shows existed). Roxanne prides herself on maintaining a reputation for being a fair and honest dealer. She is hoping collectors will enjoy obtaining the great items from her collection through Hake’s.

This is Part 3 of what will be a multi-auction offering from this extensive collection. 

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