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Item Description
Original illustrated box contains deluxe version 25" long hard plastic/tin litho sparking rifle w/"G-Man Model" on right side behind wind-up mechanism w/built-in key contained in forward grip. Marx, 1950s. Box has original store price sticker on one end flap and is missing one inner flap. Box shows scattered wear w/1" edge tear and some minor punctures. Fine overall but still nice for display. Right side of gun features "Full" and "Semi Auto" mode notations, "Full" having wire hand crack w/wooden knob. This crank powers siren attachment on opposite side, producing noise. When built-in key is wound, gun works w/popping sounds but gun no longer sparks due to missing flint. Scattered nicks/scratches to litho (most noticeable to litho right behind forward grip) o/w bright and VF overall. A wonderfully designed, well-made rifle. Rare as boxed. See version w/o siren, item #1946. From the collection of former FBI Agent Lin DeVecchio.
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