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Auction #229 Part II
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Item Description
11x17" DC Comics artboard has pencil original art by Duncan Eagleson that has been inked by Vince Locke. Art is for page 11 of "Sandman" Vol. 2 #38, published by DC under their Vertigo banner June 1992. Eagleson is a self-trained painter and former graffiti artist whose career has included designing book covers for Doubleday Books, Tor Books and others as well as creating movie posters and comic book art such as that offered here. Of note, "Sandman" #38 was the only issue Eagleson worked on. Page has seven panels, showing Vassaly in his room, sitting at the foot of his bed as a panel above the bed opens, revealing the innkeeper, who swings axe into pillow in an attempt to kill Vassaly and steal what the innkeeper thinks are his riches. Vassaly's hand reaches out, snuffing the innkeeper's candle, creating total darkness in sixth panel. Last panel reveals Vassaly leaving the inn, commenting that he had taken back his money from the innkeeper, wiping his mouth as caption reveals he is "Well-Rested And Well Fed." Word balloons and captions are pasted stats. Artboard comes w/vellum overlay attached at top. Top margin has inked title and issue/page numbers w/several editorial notes at top right. Back has DC copyright stamp. While dialogue stats show some trace aging and artboard has a few tiny faint age spots, art remains clean and VF/Exc.
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