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Auction #222 - Part 2
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23x28.5" beautifully crafted custom frame holds pen and ink original art for page 23 of "All-Flash Quarterly" #2 (Sept. 1941) featuring eight panels w/Ann Connor witnessing her brother plotting crime w/criminal The Threat (Ann's father). Third panel show Golden Age Flash trying to puzzle out why the brother - Roy Revenge - would try to shoot the mayor. Flash changes into his civilian attire as Jay Garrick and visits his girlfriend (and eventual wife) Joan Williams. The two ponder the mystery before Jay excuses himself, running to Freshacre Farm, much to the relief of Roy's sister Ann. Flash appears in costume in three panels, as Jay Garrick in two. Art is by Everett E. Hibbard (1909-1998), an American comic artist and illustrator best known as one of the Golden Age Flash artists, working as one of the main artists on "All Star Comics" and "All-Flash Quarterly." Art has abbreviated title and issue/page number in pencil at top left while upper right has inkstamped name. Art o/w remains very clean and bright, Exc. Art is further enhanced by great frame created by artist Dan Makara, featuring collage style utilizing various Golden Age Flash comic panels from the 1940s, including small images of the cover to "All-Flash Quarterly" #1 and the cover to the issue this art appeared (at upper right). Extremely early and rare Golden Age Flash original art, from the year after his debut in "Flash Comics" #1. Historic Golden Age comic art. Dan Makara Collection.
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