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G-Man Pursuit Car FBI Seal Lindley DeVecchio

Lin DeVecchio is a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who was in charge of investigating mafia members and developing mob informants. DeVecchio worked for the FBI during the Mafia Wars in New York during the 1980s and 1990s, eventually rising to head the FBI squad responsible for investigating the Colombo and Bonanno crime families. He was also responsible for handling Gregory Scarpa, a Colombo capo who had secretly been an FBI informant since the 1960s.

DeVecchio’s interest in the FBI was more than just work, he also was an avid collector of memorabilia from the Bureau’s early days of gangsters, bank robbers and speakeasies, focusing on G-Men and G-Men-related items as well as items related to legendary agent Melvin Purvis. Many of these G-Men toy guns and cars are offered in this auction, along with Melvin Purvis Junior G-Man radio show items.

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