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Billing himself as The World’s Foremost Superman Collector back in the 1980s, Danny Fuchs amassed an amazing collection over the decades, beginning in 1962 with Superman comic books before quickly expanding the scope of his collecting to include merchandise of all types featuring the Man of Steel.


With a special focus on Superman paper items - especially promotional and advertising items - some of Fuchs favorite pieces date to Superman’s early years, with items produced during World War II having a special place in his heart. Of note, he ranks the Ideal Superman doll, Marx wind-up airplane and the Daisy Krypto Ray Gun among his most loved pieces.


Once very active in the collecting community, Fuchs is a well-known name among collectors, as he attended countless conventions and shows over the years as both a dealer and a buyer. After spending over 50 years collecting and dealing, Fuchs is no longer active in the community due to health setbacks, and has now decided to offer his well-curated collection to Hake’s bidders.


Many items from his collection were featured in Harry Matetsky’s seminal book The Adventures of Superman Collecting, with some of those very same book examples being offered in this and future auctions.

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